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We bring holistic solutions to the mesmeric food-centric food hall evolution. Times have changed, and so has the way people gather, eat, drink and be merry. Food Halls offer a socially responsible yet vibrant environment for communities.






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Creators of distinctive, socially conscious & authentic food halls

The combination of artisan dining concepts and lively drinking areas attracts the ever-evolving and socially conscious foodie generation. Social media and robust economic growth in city centers have seen the popularity of food halls soar organically throughout the restaurant industry.

Food halls are effervescent with high traffic eating. This means lucrative brand growth for local chefs, restauranteurs, and creative food visionaries. Furthermore, cities, towns, and commercial real estate developers have a distinct opportunity to increase value through intelligently developed spaces.

National Food Hall Solutions are at the epicenter of this explosive new culture and relish in our clients’ success.


Meet the Team

Yaser Khalaf

Yaser Khalaf


Well-known in Dallas circles for his epic business acumen and talent for restaurant conceptualization, Yaser’s passion for the hospitality industry was sparked with the pizza parlor he opened while a student at the University of Kentucky. He went on to grow the restaurant franchise to multiple locations throughout northern Kentucky.

Over the past 30 years, Yaser has perfected his ability to create successful restaurant franchises that capitalize on popular and emerging food trends with his industry knowledge enabling him to replicate success time and again.

Founder of Yela Concepts (formerly Detour Concepts), which operates successful boutique restaurants throughout the US: including Baboush, Baboushi, Junction Food & Drink, Souk, LA Gourmet Pizza, Medina Oven, Taco Sabe, Shawarma Bar and Shawarma Shack.

Pat Garza

Pat Garza


Pat has more than 25 years of experience in creating, incubating and growing innovative, transformative hospitality, entertainment and restaurant concepts across the U.S.

He was instrumental in the opening of Legacy Hall in Dallas, Texas as its VP curating its food offerings and assembling a first class team to open and operate one of the Nation’s premier food halls. As well as Junction Food & Drink in Denver, Colorado which has gone on to have continued success despite opening during the COVID pandemic.

Prior to this, Garza was COO of Movie Tavern Cinema-Eatery and grew the concept from a $65M enterprise to over $120M in revenue during his tenure. He oversaw and led the positioning of the concept to ultimately being acquired by a private equity company.

Dave Leerssen

Dave Leerssen

VP Operations

Dave is an accomplished Restaurant Industry Executive, with over 20 years of experience, and an eye for delivering world-class customer experiences and profitable growth.

He was with Fish City Grill/Half Shells as a key member where he held various leadership roles for 17 years, always maintaining strong relationships with franchisees, managers/team members, and suppliers. Dave was instrumental in both company and franchise growth with positive sales for 13 years.

Dave has an exceptional reputation for integrity, strong communication, building successful teams, and an unyielding drive to exceed profitability targets and rewarding his teams.

Outside of work, he loves spending time at the lake with his wife and two sons and participating in competitive activities.

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