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What we do

Expert food hall management and consulting services.

Being part of this fresh culture of immersive culinary dining is a true passion. It’s innovative at the core, fun, authentic and rewarding. It’s the intelligent and lucrative pairing of food, drinks, and real estate. How can we not love what we do?

The visual and tactile aspect of food halls is paramount. However, it’s the innate sense of adventure, boldness, and the promise of crisp new experiences that needs to welcome customers as they enter the door.

Additionally, we offer sophisticated management and reporting systems to support profitable food halls’ opening and ongoing success.

Be assured; we put all our energy into creating the perfect energy within revolutionary destinations.

Our Services



We want to ensure that every project has the foundation it needs to stand on its own. To do so, we look to partner closely with our clients.


If you’re considering franchising, the chances are that your existing restaurant brand is thriving. Franchising can be highly lucrative, but many vital considerations are well worth getting expert advice on.

We are here to help you take a well-considered look at your options:

  • Franchising your brand within a food hall or stand-alone.
  • Buying one of our existing ones to place in a food hall or stand-alone.
Concepts & Curation

Yes, curation includes vendor selection, but it goes far beyond that. The process is fluid and ongoing. We consider the latest trends and tastes and always have our finger on the pulse for the latest wow factors to enthuse both clients and customers.

We check all the boxes:

  • Sourcing of diverse fare
  • Supporting local wherever possible
  • Design, food expertise, menu creation, and marketing
  • Continual research on the latest trends and innovations


Operational & Management

National Food Hall Solutions offers highly specialized ongoing management services, focusing on first-rate operational consistency.

Master Lease Development

National Food Hall Solutions welcomes the opportunity to enter into a master lease for the space we help develop. We ensure it makes sense for both parties.

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